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Amazon might be more famous for its online stores which send you anything you like through the post, but they also offer digital services for watching movies. With Amazon you can sign up for a package that lets you watch as many movies and TV shows as you like each month (Amazon Prime Instant Video), simply rent movies on a one-off basis, or purchase the disc from the Amazon store. Whether you just don’t want to trek to the movie theater or you’d simply prefer to sit at home in your underpants, watching movies at home is a great thing to do.

So what is Amazon Prime Instant Video exactly? Simply put, it’s a service which allows you to watch unlimited movies and TV shows, anywhere and at any time. It lets you stream videos onto your TV, computer, Kindle Fire HD, or one of a number of mobile devices.

The choice and sheer number of movies and TV shows available is impressive, and, even if you can’t find what you’ve looking for, as part of the Amazon Prime Instant Video package, you should be able to rent or purchase it on the Amazon movies site. Either way, if you really really can’t wait to see a movie then Amazon has you covered.

You can watch recently added movies including some that have only recently been released on DVD and Bluray, many of which are in high definition. This gives a much clearer picture and sound quality and is a good choice for real movie fans. You will find a variety of classic and modern movies, which should satisfy most needs.

It might be wise to take a few moments to consider what kind of movie package you want. If you’re interested in a package that offers you a lot of choice then you might wish to combine Amazon Prime Video with regular digital rentals. However, if you have a specific movie in mind and you aren’t interested in watching tons of movies throughout the year, then you may wish to simply rent a movie as a one-off. This is easy to achieve and just requires that you pay a single fee. You’ll then be able to store the movie in your library for up to 30 days.

Once you begin watching the movie you’ll usually have up to 48 hours to finish it completely. There after you would have to rent the title again, which would be a bit of a waste of money. Alternatively if you really love a movie you can buy it. The film is then yours to download and you can watch it as often as you like. In addition to this service, you could simply go onto the Amazon store and buy the movie on DVD or Bluray.

  Taking out the one year subscription also upgrades your Amazon account so that you get the great perk of free next day delivery.  

We recommend the year-long subscription to Amazon Prime Instant Video over the renting of individual films. You’ll be able to access a large number of high quality, modern and classic movies and shows whenever you like. Taking out the one year subscription also upgrades your Amazon account so that you get the great perk of free next day delivery, which could save you a lot of time and money throughout the contract period. It’s a great membership bonus if you use Amazon regularly to order goods online and Amazon Prime Instant Video also costs around the same as two standard rentals per month. 

No single service will offer everything and if you’re someone who wants the very latest movies in HD but also wants a wider selection of other films and shows, then you’ll need to combine an unlimited package with one-off rentals. This is possible on Amazon, and it’s rare to find such a comprehensive system on the internet.

Whilst the unlimited viewing options offer excellent value for money the purchase and rental prices are fairly average, so you may not save very much using Amazon rather than another website. That said, it’s worth checking in now and then to see what’s on offer through Amazon’s regular sales as you might find a bargain or two lurking in the depths.

When it comes to offering a choice of high quality movies, Amazon does a great job. Its Prime Instant Video package offers substantial value for money, particularly when the 1-year contract comes with free one day delivery for a year

Although its general rental and purchase prices aren’t quite such good value, they’re still fair and on par with many competitors in this market. There’s almost no reason to trek to the movie theater but, please, if you do, put on some pants!

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