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Top Documentary Films Review

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So many channels and films are dedicated to mere entertainment. Whilst this is fine – there’s always time for fun and thrills – it can be rare to find a website that offers informative films that have been lovingly produced by specialists. If you’re interested in learning more about the world and universe around us, where we came from and who we might become, TopDocumentaryFilms offers a substantial range of documentary movies to help build the gray matter.

The films have been organized in several useful ways. You can browse them randomly, check out the latest releases, view the highest rated movies or locate a documentary based on its genre. The list of genres is substantial and includes science, religion, sexuality, sports, philosophy, military and far more. There’s even a whole section dedicated to 9/11! Whilst the audio and visual quality isn’t always very high there are some popular production companies and broadcasting houses in the books, including National Geographic and The History Channel. 

The documentaries are available for streaming but not downloading. However you can purchase DVDs, Blu-rays or digital copies of some documentaries in the “store” section of the site, which is well organised and fairly priced. These purchases will be of higher quality than those streamed, so there is added value in purchasing them. The documentaries that are provided for free are often simply links to Youtube videos, which is simply a way of offering greater range. Subsequently you may feel as though TopDocumentaryFilms.com is more of a search engine than a site with exclusive content, although we still feel it does the job it set out to do.

We liked the fact that the site is somewhat understated and functional. You find a documentary, watch it, and can then follow recommendations on similar documentaries. This ought to give a wider breadth of research to anyone who is interested in a particular subject. Rather than just offer one film on any given topic you are presented with several, and encouraged to watch more.

The broadcast quality of these films can be pretty low, but they are generally very watchable. Think of this site as a digital library and you get the idea: it’s under-funded, a little shabby, but its heart is in the right place. You certainly won’t find the likes of Iron Man 3 and The Expendables here but if you just want to swot up on some of the topics you love then it’s a great place to visit and won’t cost you a penny. 

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