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Ever had one of those weird dreams where nothing makes sense? One moment you’ll be naked in school, the next you’re swimming with mermaids, then you’re a clown eating porridge. That’s a bit what it feels like to visit Videos on Demand (VOD). This is a site with a peculiar, and somewhat exciting, list of movies and shows, but it’s hard to know what to do with it.

You’ll find anything from surrealist Japanese anime series to adult videos, kung-fu movies to horrors with titles like “death uncensored!” Although there is an advanced search option on the website we found the whole experience a bit of a mind melt and you’ll probably find yourself swimming around in a sea of bizarre movie titles which seem to have little or no relationship with one another. Many of the movies look like they’re “straight to video” productions, which gives some idea of their quality.

VOD works a little differently to most movie rental websites. Here, you purchase vewing time. This can then be used to view as many or as few shows as you like, until the time runs out. Prices are pretty high for short periods of time, but it does become a fair amount cheaper if you decide to buy a lot of minutes at once. You also receive rewards points for purchases, although it wasn’t particularly clear what they are used for. We assume that this allows you to acquire additional credit somewhere down the line.

According to the FAQ, in many cases you are able to download the videos on VOD and even burn them onto DVD to keep. This sounds a little suspicious to us, but given that we’ve never even heard of many of the movies they were providing, it is possible that they’ve paid for the digital rights. If you do intend on downloading any content and putting it onto a DVD then we recommend checking that this is appropriate with the law in your particular area.

Joining up is free and you get 20 minutes worth of free viewing time once you’ve completed registration. This feels a little bit inadequate but we suppose that they’re trying to avoid people signing up and watching just one show for free. Visiting VOD is certainly an experience but we’re not completely sure it’s a useful one. If you’re looking for some low budget flick or a strange anime that you can’t find elsewhere, it might be worth checking out VOD.com, otherwise you’re unlikely to find what you’re looking for.

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