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Marvel Movies Review

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Who’s your favourite? Iron Man? Spiderman? Captain America? Black Widow? Thor? There are so many to choose from, each of them with their own powers and adventures. Whether you’ve kids who are new to Marvel or you’re a long-established fan of the superhero genre, you can’t have missed Marvel’s movies. They produce some of the most anticipated films each year, with massive budgets and great effects. Now these movies are available for you to watch in your own home, either via download or by purchasing the discs and having them delivered to your home.

Aside from the movies, there are few extras to speak of for members of this site, although they’re worth exploring if you’re a big fan of the industry. Mostly these extras consist of movie clips and downloadable pictures which could be used as wallpapers for your computer. You can read additional information on each movie and its characters, although if you’re really eager to find out more then you’ll need to read the Marvel news pages, which inform you about the beginnings of particular stories and characters, and how the directors got their inspiration for the live versions of the comics.  There’s not a whole lot else on offer from the site erally. You can watch movies through iTunes if you don’t want to leave the house, or you can buy copies of the movies on DVD and Bluray, which will be delivered to your door. You can occasionally even find 3D versions of movies, which is actually quite exciting (if you have a 3D TV) as many websites don’t offer this. However, these movies aren’t exclusive to Marvel.com and there’s little reason to go here as opposed to finding their movies on a different site. Perhaps the only advantage is to ultimate Marvel fans, who will be able to find a much more complete assortment of Marvel films than they might find on other movie download websites.

Sadly Marvel prices aren’t cheap, particularly (and perhaps strangely) on their own website. Whilst we understand that they may have occasional discounts this usually doesn’t seem to be the case. Marvel.com could do so much more to encourage visitors to visit their site and make purchases with them, such as providing exclusive content, games, forums spaces and chat features but they haven’t done any of this. Even if they had made these additions it’s hard to recommend their services when they charge so much more than other websites for the same movies. 

The audio-visual quality of the Marvel movies is very high but they only sell their own production, so this isn’t a place to come if you’re an all round movie fanatic. Marvel.com is worth a visit if you want a few free images and to brush up on some superhero movie trivia, but when it comes to spending money we think you’re better off looking elsewhere. They have the potential to do so much better. As Spiderman’s uncle said: “with great power comes great responsibility”. 

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