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Xbox Video USA Review

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If you’re a gamer you will know all about Microsoft’s gaming console, the Xbox (360 or the newer version, Xbox One). Microsoft are offering their loyal customers (or new ones!) the chance to rent and buy the latest movies and TV shows online, through Xbox Video USA. There are thousands of videos to choose from, making this an absolute banquet for any movie fan and TV obsessive. 

Xbox’s interfaces are very easy to use. Movies can be rented (allowing you to watch them for a limited period of time) or purchased (so you can watch as many times as you like). Fees are lower than is standard for this industry and you can also take advantage of a number of sales now and again that can save you up to 50%. That considered, we felt that there were not quite as many sales on Xbox Video USA as there were from Sony. However on new releases, with its generally lower rental prices, it may turn out less expensive all in all. 

We’ve already mentioned the user interfaces briefly but there are more features that set Xbox apart from its rivals, and therefore pull it up in our rankings. We liked that you can use Kinect peripheries to control volume and various other options that would normally use a remote control or control pad. This might look a bit mad (you have to gesticulate in a peculiar fashion) but with voice activation tied in this seemed like the future of watching movies in the house. You can also view movies on numerous devices, all of which are synchronized (assuming you are logged into your account) so you can stop watching on one device, such as your TV, and then continue from the same spot later on using your laptop or mobile device when on the move.

We thought that the audio and visual quality of the trailers, movies and TV shows available through this website was high. You can decide between SD (standard definition) or HD (high definition), although the HDcosts a little extra. It’s also a flexible service as you can buy your favorite movies to watch over and over, rent new releases, and sign up to the season pass as a way of experiencing shows you might have bypassed. You can also purchase games through Xbox Live, combining movies and top-notch console gaming in one device if you need to. Gaming is another consideration all together but it’s worth remembering that they’re available as you never know what kinds of offers might be available in the future. 

If you’re thinking that Xbox Video USA might be the service for you then you can easily sign up. The users who will get the most out of Xbox Video are those who use its wide variety of gaming and viewing services. If you’re a gamer who enjoys watching TV shows and movies then you can get some pretty decent deals using this site, as well being able to use the Kinect features if you choose to. Even without all the gadgets, the slightly lower price tags and substantial number of available movies makes Xbox Video USA a very alluring option for anyone who’s looking to access classic movies and new releases in high quality.

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