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Whether you’re into ninjas, tennis or flying dragon people who blast fireballs at one another at 20,000 feet, AnimeHere has you covered. It’s a well organized, free website which provides its users with a massive amount of anime action. You can find TV shows and movies here, with the latest episodes quickly available, either dubbed or with subtitles. However, as you might have guessed from the name, this is a site that is almost exclusively interested in anime, so you won’t find much else here.

The quality of audio-visual quality of anime can be a bit variable at times but on the whole the animation is excellent. All movies and episodes are watched on your browser, streamed from the site, and you can choose from several sources if one doesn’t work (although in our experience we didn’t have any trouble). The videos can be increased to full screen, but you cannot manipulate them much otherwise. Because of the fan-based nature of anime shows, many of the translations are performed by fans rather than professionals, although this isn’t always the case. Either way, we tended to find that the translations were appropriate, and the font was easy to read.

Registering is quick and easy, taking literally one minute. As a member you can follow certain anime and keep a record of those you’ve watched or are watching. This is useful if you’re interesting in watching several series at once and may not recall exactly where you are in each series (trust us, this can easily happen as many anime have hundreds of episodes, which are usually numbered). You’ll find all the latest releases on this website, from One Piece to Fairy Tail, Hunter X Hunter or Detective Conan, Dragonball Z to Prince of Tennis. You can also see which anime series have just started to make sure you’re “in the know” about what’s going on in the anime world. 

Whilst Anime Here is a great resource for anime fans, it is flawed in some ways. Beyond watching anime there’s not a great deal to do. We think that the site would benefit from more of a community feel, allowing its members to talk to each other about the cartoons. That said, there are wallpapers, galleries and games to check out. You can also rate a show, helping others to decide whether or not to bother watching it. The games are free, although oddly split into “3D games”, “Cooking games” and “Games for girls”, which didn’t make a massive amount of sense. If you follow relevant links you’ll also be able to read manga, which is the comic version of the anime. This is a good way to check what’s happening in the story, ahead of the anime. 

If you like anime then AnimeHere is definitely a site to visit. However, it really doesn’t offer much else. Either way, it’s a great place to check out if you’re bored as all of its content is provided for free and there are some great shows and movies available.

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