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Disney Movies Review

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Whether you love Goofy, Donald or Mickey, Disney is one of the biggest and most adored movie industries on the globe. It’s mainly produces movies  for children but they’re often just as appreciated by young-at-heart adults. From classics such as Pinocchio and Snow White, to modern adaptations of stories such as Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and The Princess and The Frog, there’s plenty of Disney magic to choose from. The website itself is fun to visit, colorful and well designed, with a few really charming extras for its members. However it’s quite an expensive site and they only sell their own movies, so if you’re interesting in anything non-Disney related then you will have to go elsewhere.

The real value of Disney is the great quality of its movies. If a movie has “Disney” printed on its label you know it’s probably going to be a top notch product. Movies are available on DVD and Blu-ray discs, which can be posted to your door, or by download. You can also join the Disney Movie Club, whereby you pay a monthly fee and receive the latest Disney movies in the post. This also allows you to get a few discounts.

If you’re interested in downloading movies to watch without limits you can download them using iTunes. In comparison, Video on Demand options allow you to watch Disney movies whenever you want to, whilst Pay Per View is similar but you can only watch the movies when they’re scheduled to play on the Disney channels. It all depends on what you need and which options best fit into your life. It’s worth remembering, however, that this site isn’t cheap. Download prices vary (you may get a bargain in a sale) but they’re generally not low, and the movie club can become expensive. Member benefits include discounts and “second screen”, an imaginative app that lets you watch a movie on one screen whilst playing games linked to that movie on another screen. This is an exciting way to really get involved in the movie and maybe even learn a bit along the way. 

Disney offers high quality but you pay more for the privilege. You can also only watch Disney movies, so if you’re looking for anything else then this site won’t be much use. However if you’re a huge Disney fan then this site is worth exploring, and potentially even becoming a member if you have the money.

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