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What would George Orwell think if he were alive today? We live in a world of closed circuit television, live news and reality television. Whilst he saw it as a dystopian nightmare, many people love the every-day excitement of reality TV in all its guises. Whether it’s Big Brother, Finale, The Biggest Loser or Survivor, Real SuperPass offers up-to-date interviews and additional coverage of all your favorite reality TV shows.

That’s right, there are no full length feature movies on SuperPass, so if that’s what you’re after then feel free to disregard the rest of this review! However if you just can’t get enough of reality TV and you’re interested in knowing more about the stars in them, this is exactly the sort of place for you. The site offers a 3 day unlimited trial of its services, which include exclusive videos, interviews and more. A number of its interviews are “raw”, meaning that they aren’t heavily edited, so you’ll get to see the real, natural celebrities from the best reality TV shows.

So why did the site score so poorly in our reviews? Well, for one it is solely concerned with reality TV. That’s it. Nothing else. Nadda. There’s really no need for it to be so limited. As well as this, the quality isn’t often very high, partly because the data is live. Finding the video you want can be a bit of a nightmare at times because the site isn’t well designed. In fact we found that it wouldn’t allow us to sign up! What a mess. It promises a few decent membership features (if you’re into reality TV to this level) including highlighted clips, recaps, post-show analysis, spoilers, scandals, scoops, and more. In particular we thought that the photo galleries and chat features might be of interest as it provides an area for fans to meet and discuss the shows.

The idea of this site isn’t necessarily a bad one, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. What’s more, it just doesn’t “work” properly. We’re somewhat surprised that the site charges money for membership when it seems threadbare and lacklustre from the outset. If you can manage to sign up then you can get a free 3 day trial, which is likely a good way of understanding whether or not you’d benefit from using the site over a longer period. However, in our experience this isn’t going to be easy and we’re not convinced that there’s much pay-off.

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