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Google Play Movies Review

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As the most visited site on the internet it’s not surprising that Google have spread their metaphoric wings to offer visitors movie rental and purchase options. They provide a broad variety of movies, from anime to kids' shows, action movies to adult dramas. Viewing quality is generally high (although not always HD), and you’re likely to find the vast majority of movies you search for. Movie prices are lower than industry standard and you have the option to rent or purchase depending on how often you’d like to watch a video.

So why didn’t Google Play get a higher score from us? Well there’s not a great deal that sets it apart from its competitors. However there are a couple of features that might lure you to this site over others. There are a few free episodes of shows to watch, and you’ll also find that a decent number of movies are available for under $1. Subsequently Google Play offer free or cheap options for anyone who isn’t overly choosy about what they watch. Renting popular movies can also be a little less expensive than on many other websites, but you do need to pay per movie as there is no “unlimited viewing” option.

Locating a TV show or movie on Google Play Movies is something of a mixed experience. The keyword search is okay but results could be better filtered to help you find what you’re looking for. In contrast, browsing through categories presents interesting results as you can locate shows based on their production studios and broadcast networks. As such if you enjoyed a show that was on ABC, for example, you can find other shows broadcast by ABC. Overall, though, the site can feel somewhat bare. Movies are presented in a gallery view but there's often nothing "around" to compel you, and we'd really like it if a brief synopsis of a movie was provided when you hover over its cover image, rather than having to click on it and then access its individual page to find out more.

Whilst quality is good overall you may find that there’s a lack of High Definition viewing options. Even some of the newest releases will only be available in SD. To find out whether a movie is the quality you expect, you can watch a trailer or look at a star rating. You can also read customer reviews to help inform your watching decisions. Additionally, if you have children you can easily find a great choice of appropriate movies and shows for the mini-yous, plus some fun interactive games which are linked to the movies.

Google Play has most of the movies and features you’ll probably wish for, all at a fair price, plus a few games for the kids. However it’s not the most inspired site and may not be all that exciting to proper movie fans. There are no forums or discussion boards, no editorials or movie guides. Also, whilst the video and sound quality is high the movies often fail to reach the highest standards (such as UHD).

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