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Snag Films Review

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If you don’t have a particular movie in mind and you don’t mind browsing through a few options you might not have heard of, SnagFilms may be for you. It offers all visitors the opportunity to watch its movies for free and even comes with a free app so that it can be viewed on devices such as Kindle Fire. But (and we won’t apologise for this pun) are there any snags?

The short answer is “yes”. But we think they’re minor enough that Snag is still worth your time. The biggest issue we faced, and which a number of users seem to complain about, is the advertising. This appears more often and is lengthier than we’d like and can ruin a movie experience as it sometimes jumps in at unfortunate times. Although there is an app so that you can watch SnagFilms on devices such as the Kindle Fire HD, there have been a number of complaints that the system crashes or simply does not play movies as it ought to. If you plan on using Snag Movies on your Kindle then we suggest checking out a few reviews of the app before deciding to download it. Finally, the quality of the movies is questionable. We found that scrolling on the page could distort the picture, and generally the viewing is far from HD quality.

But enough of the drawbacks, what about the positives? The most obvious of these is the price: Snag Films is completely free. You don’t even need to sign up to watch a movie, although it is beneficial if you wish to keep a list of your favorite films. You can mark films “to watch later” so that you don’t forget about them and check out what other people thought of each movie based on a written review or a “grade” system (much like grading in high school). 

Snag Films may not be perfect but, hey, it’s free! There are enough films on here to keep you going, particularly if you’re not too picky about which films are available and the overall quality of them. Since it’s browser-based we felt that SnagFilms.com is best suited to people on the move, perhaps even travellers, who want to watch a quick flick and aren’t too put off by ads now and then. If you’re looking for the latest blockbusters in high definition and surround sound, you won’t want to waste your time here. 

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