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Whether you want to convert your DVD collection so that they can be accessed on the cloud, you want to redeem a UV code or you simply wish to rent a top movie, Vudu offers a few extras that make it worth considering. In particular we were impressed by their offer of 5 free movies (from a selected range) when you sign up, making it a potentially free option for anyone.

Although you can watch a few movies for free it’s worth remembering that these are from a select list, so it might be worth checking which movies are available if you only intend to try out the free service. In many respects this site is no different from a lot of its peers, however we did feel that a couple of its services set it aside. We were interested by their “home disc to digital” service, which allows you to convert your DVD or Blu-ray collection and make it available on the cloud. This not only means that you can save on storage space but also that your movie collections will be available to you wherever you travel. This isn’t free, though, and will cost you $2-$5 for a DVD or $2 for a Blu-ray. You can save a further 50% if you convert 10 or more discs, which makes it substantially cheaper.

Movies and TV shows are often available in SD or HD, and you can sometimes find featurettes or discs with additional bonus footage. Vudu.com also has a sales page if you’re interested in buying some decent equipment at a fair price. Any UV users out there will be able to redeem their UV codes and watch their movies through Vudu. The same can also be done with movie credit, which can be purchased for yourself, friends or family.

Users can rate a movie using a stars system, which is useful in helping you to decide which movies to watch. You can also create a “my vudu” account which stores information such as your favorite movies, films that you’ve marked as “to watch” and recommendations, although there is less of a community feel than you might find on other movie rental websites, which is a bit disappointing if you want to chat to other members about the movies you’ve been watching.

Vudu is a decent website but it’s simply falling a little short in some areas. It offers a few interesting services for members which are worth looking into, especially if you have an extensive disc collection which you’d like to convert into a digital format.

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