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iTunes Movie Downloads USA Review

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Apple are perhaps most famous for their Apple Mac desktop and laptop computers, as well as iPads and iPods. Small, efficient, stylized. That's Apple. As well as music, you can also purchase or rent movies and TV shows through Apple's store: iTunes. You'll find that iTunes Movie Downloads USA is a fast and effective way or acquiring digital content, particularly if you currently use Apple devices and have an account with them. The problem with many such sites is that they lack any sense of genuine passion, but is this the case with movies on iTunes, and how do they compare with their competitors?

As well as offering a vast assortment of music, iTunes (Apple’s sales site) also supplies quality movies from a great range of genres and production companies. Although most people can use iTunes it’s perhaps best suited to people who own Apple products, such as iPads and iPods, because it has some exclusive features that will improve your overall movie watching experience. Mainly these features involve synchronizing your devices, meaning that if you purchase something from the iTunes store it will appear on several of your Apple products. You could then begin a movie on your laptop, stop watching and then continue it later on your iPad. Pretty nifty. Members can also obtain special movie content such as deleted scenes, interviews and behind-the-scenes recordings, which may have a huge appeal for genuine movie fans who want to see a little bit more of a movie. 

There are 2 main services used with  iTunes Movie Downloads. The first service is simple: you buy a movie and then access it online. This is quick and simple; you just create your account and click “buy”. You can then start watching the movie. The second option is to consider paying for an Apple TV box. This is a small box that is sent to your home; you plug it into your HD TV and threafter you have access to a wide range of TV channels. These include Sky Sports, CrunchyRoll (anime), Netflix and many more. It’s worth noting, however, that some channels such as Netflix may incur an additional fee, so please consider this when budgeting for the channels. The choice of available movies is excellent although it is generally favored towards Hollywood Blockbusters rather than independent or non-mainstream movies, but most well known movies will be on there. You’ll also have the added advantage of help from the “geniuses”, a team of experts who are famous for being able to fix Apple-esque problems. 

Where iTunes Movie Downloads can be troublesome is when it comes to price. Whilst the Apple TV seems to offer great value for money you may discover that you will have to pay an additional subscription fee for some of the channels that are available through it. Purchasing a movie directly also isn’t particularly cheap, with “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” being more expensive than you’ll find elsewhere. To really take full advantage of iTunes you’ll want to own Apple devices too. That said, it still offers a solid service for anyone, irrespective of their hardware.

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