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Blockbuster On Demand Review

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Blockbuster is one of those household names that, for better or worse, has begun to leave the high streets. The days of popping into your local store to peruse the aisles for hours on end are now replaced by downloading or streaming movies. So how does Blockbuster On Demand do against its competitors? Well, fairly averagely.

Just so you can get an idea of what’s on offer here, BlockbusterNow.com offers its users a wide range of movies as digital rentals. This means that you download the movie and have a limited time to watch it. The bonuses here, over the old system, are that it’s easier and you won’t get any late fees. However we feel that Blockbuster have made a few fatal mistakes which could be to their detriment. Firstly, you can only rent movies, there are no TV shows. Secondly you cannot have the discs posted to you, everything is digital. And then there’s the issue that you can’t buy the movies either, so if you find a movie you love then you’d have to keep renting it over and over again. Not good!

There are other minor irritations from Blockbuster, including the fact that you can’t even sign up for free without including your credit card details. Why is this necessary? It’s just annoying and makes us nervous. You can’t even search the catalog without having signed up, and all roads seem to lead to the registration page.

The movies themselves are modern and of a high quality. The choice is also good. However, there are so many other websites that offer a superior service in other ways, as well as being at least on par with the choice and quality. What’s more, there are really not any membership features worth mentioning. The only real advantage of Block Buster over its competitors is that it may be cheaper. With rentals starting at $2.99 you may find a few deals here. 

You’ve probably already worked out what we think about Blockbuster. It’s as though they haven’t checked out their competition in this market and they’re resting on their laurels. This is why their stores died out, and if they don’t keep up with the times then their online presence may follow suit. BlockbusterNow.com is not the worst place to rent movies, but there are better places these days so you're probably better off to look at its higher ranking competitors, such as Netflix, Amazon or iTunes.

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