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Some people just want to watch the occasional movie over a short period of time, like back in the good old days of VCR rental. If you’re this kind of person then Cinema Now might be the website for you. It has a solid range of recent movies and a selection of some great TV shows which you can watch on your TV or other device. Its prices are also very reasonable and it offers HD options for just a little extra.

If you intend to watch movies on your TV then make sure that you can access the internet using your television set, because all purchases on Cinema Now are digital, meaning you’ll need to download them (rather than receive a disc in the post). You can purchase a film up to 30 days before you intend to watch it (but be careful as you’ll lose that ability once the 30 days are up) and once you start watching a movie you have 24 hours to finish watching it. You can watch and rewatch a movie as many times as you like in this 24 hour window, which could be handy if you want to check out a film before showing it to the kids. 

There is a free downloadable movie player available, which could be useful if you don't already have one. However, we felt that there are superior video players available for free elsewhere on the internet. We liked that the website has discounts, plus they organize a number of their movies by themes, so you can get a discount when you're in the mood for a particular sort of movie or TV show.  The amount of information available on the website is pretty decent, with a searchable FAQ and several helpful pages for device activation, redeeming gift cards and more. However we had trouble finding out how to contact staff directly, which doesn’t bode well if you have a real problem you can’t solve for yourself.

The biggest problem with Cinema Now is its 24 hour viewing period. If you start watching a movie but then need to do something else, you don’t have much opportunity to carry on before your access is restricted. This might be a decent option for anyone who just watches the occasional movie and just wants to sit down there and then. However if you’re a regular movie-goer then you may wish to consider a subscription package which allows you to watch unlimited movies over a month, which isn’t a service that is offered by Cinema Now. 

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