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You’ve probably driven past or even used RedBox kiosks before. If you haven’t here’s the deal: they’re automated DVD dispensing machines, allowing you to choose and rent movies from a small booth-like machine. It’s a quick and easy way to rent DVDs, made all the cheaper through not needing to hire humans to sit at a counter all day. Now RedBox offer customers Redbox Instant, an online movie streaming and rentals system for even quicker access to movies.

Signing up for the month by month subscription is probably the cheapest option if you’re a frequent movie watcher. This allows you to access a decent range of movies whenever you like, all for just $6 a month. There are also rental and purchase options if you’d prefer to get hold of the disc, which is really useful if you plan on travelling and don’t have an internet connection whilst on the move. The quality of these movies is good, although not always HD. Most movies are of DVD quality, although they have some older titles which won’t be up to the same standard. That isn’t RedBox’s fault, rather it’s just the age of the movie.

What disappoints us somewhat about this service is that the number of movies available through the Instant subscription is quite limited when compared to their full catalog. Subsequently you’ll find that many of the titles aren’t available through your subscription, and you’ll have to pay an additional fee to rent or purchase the movie of your choice. This isn’t disastrous but it does limit your options and means that for particular movies you’re better off simply visiting the Red Box kiosks. Select packages also offer 4 one night credits so that you can rent movies from the kiosks without having to pay more. If you’re interested in this service then please make an inquiry with the sales team.

You can gain access to Sony Movie Channel, which is a linear streaming channel. Essentially this is just like a regular movie channel and you can’t choose whichever movie you want to watch, rather you have to wait for them to be broadcast and then tune in at the right time. The site is not clear whether or not this is included in your subscription price, so (again) if you wish to watch Sony Movie Channel as part of your subscription then we recommend asking the sales team.

Redbox Instant offers some great movies, but it feels like a bit of a raw deal because so many of its titles are restricted to rental customers, meaning you could end up paying on top of your subscription fee. It also offers members relatively little in the way of rewards or extras. That considered, if you think you’ll appreciate the combination of instant viewing on the net with the option to acquire DVDs from kiosks, perhaps this is a worthwhile option for you.

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