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Sometimes too much choice can be a curse, you never know what to watch and then end up just sticking with something that you know and love. Mubi aims to help you overcome this short fall by providing you with a select and minimalist choice of movies which have been chosen by their staff. A new movie is added each day, allowing you to watch from up to 30 movies a month, or rewatch them if you like. These movies have been handpicked by the Mubi.com employees and you’ll find that you’re not just watching the same old movies you’ll find on every other website. Okay, you’ll find quite a few classics on offer but Mubi is more art-house than Hollywood action. If you’re looking for something a bit different when it comes to watching a movie, something that you might not have even heard of but that is critically acclaimed, this could be your elixir.

There’s basically only one option available to you after your free trial: a new movie every day, for $4.99 a month. This means that your options are very limited, especially in comparison with other movie downloads and streaming websites. However it’s all about quality, not quantity, here. If you’re hoping to choose from thousands of movies every day then this isn’t for you, rather it exposes you, somewhat slowly, to movies that the team think you might benefit from watching. In that sense it’s something of an education.

The service is fairly flexible, allowing you to watch movies on a variety of devices through your internet browser. There are no download options to speak of though, so you will require a secure internet connection, making this a bad option if you plan on using it whilst travelling. The quality is generally good but because many of the movies are old they aren’t in HD. Additional features are very few and the site is generally lacking in information. Searching on this website is nonsensical since there are so few movies on offer, although perhaps it is useful to build up a list of movies you’d like to watch in the hope that they will be added to future playlists. We did like the fact that you can leave your own reviews and even chat to other users, which added a certain community feel to the website.

Mubi.com offers movie lovers an affordable, if limited option. There really isn’t much choice over what to watch and if you’re expecting to see the latest films with the greatest special effects then this isn’t the website for you. However, if you are open to new movie experiences and taking a chance on their daily choices, especially if you’re interested more in art house than action movies, Mubi may be worth considering. 

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