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Although it’s not quite as popular in the US as in Europe, Tescos has over 6000 stores worldwide. They sell everything from fish sticks to USB sticks, ice boxes to Xboxes. Now they have created Blinkbox, a movie download website which is primarily set up for the UK but that allows users from outside the British Isles to access the majority of its content.

They have a fairly substantial catalog of movies and TV shows, and if you’re an Anglophile then you’ll probably find a few videos on here that you won’t find on normal US movie and TV download websites. They offer rental or purchase options, as well as SD or HD quality.

The site is somewhat drab and uninspired, feeling more like an afterthought than a zealous movie-fan website. It certainly doesn't feel as passionate and lovingly created as some other movie sites, and there's almost nothing in the way of extra movie information, recommendations, articles and more for you to enjoy beyond the movies themselves. 

But what are its benefits? Well the real lure for anyone in the US is the access to British shows. Sadly some free content is unavailable outside of the UK, so if you think this is going to be an issue then you may wish to check what is available and what isn’t before you decide to make purchases.

You can watch trailers for movies and have the option to rent or buy a movie. Users can also rate the movies they watch, which will give you a decent idea of how the movie has been received publically.

Standard and HD quality are available although HD costs more (around 30% more) so it's worth considering whether or not you really will benefit from the high definition. Prices are generally around industry standard.

If you’re not interested in a subscription site then Tesco's Blinkbox offers fairly good value now and then, with discounts and money-back opportunities. It does this by offering you club card reward points, which can be used in store or to make further movie purchases and rentals.

Blinkbox offers a fairly average service, showing all the usual movie suspects, such as the latest releases and most popular TV shows and films. Its HD options might be an attraction to some, as might the possibility of earning club card points, although considering Tesco isn’t quite so popular in the US you probably won’t get the same benefits from the club card points as someone in the UK would.

Sadly, many will consider Blinkbox.com to be an uninspiring website, created as part of a global brand rather than with movie lovers in mind. This won't necessarily be an issue for some people, though, particularly those who just want to access British TV shows and movies for a fair price. So it really depends on what you're looking for from a movie download/streaming website.

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