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Over the past few decades Asian movies have made a big impact in the US. Whether it’s Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Lucy Lui, Joan Chen or John Yang, the movies of Asia are varied and thrilling, but not always easily available. Numerous Asian movies found in the US are blockbusters from Hollywood or co-produced between Asian and Western companies. If you want to get your hands on the movies that people are watching and talking about over in Asia, Tiger Cinema may be for you.

Tiger Cinema focuses on Japanese, Korean, Chinese and other Asian movies and TV, letting you stream direct to your computer or to pay for a copy which you can watch as often as you like. You can browse movies based on their country of origin and genre, or perform a search for a title, actor or director. Every movie comes with detailed description in English and you can also watch a range of movie trailers. Members are able to review movies and shows, helping one another to decide which are best. 

The site offers rewards to members, allowing you occasional free  movies. You can also purchase gifts for your family, friends or anyone you meet on the site. Members can request that the site includes titles that aren’t currently available, which really adds to the sense that this site is there to serve you. All things considered, this makes TigerCinema a useful resource for hardcore Asian movie fans. We had some difficulties navigating the site, not so much in terms of it being too intricate, but pages can load very slowly or we found that they needed refreshing several times to work properly. This is less of a problem once you’ve signed in but it can become quickly tedious. This is also not the most well designed web site around, although it basically does the job it's intended for. 

We were happy to see that the Tiger Cinema creators have included a few social features and additional sections of the site for anyone who wishes to find out more about the movies they watch. You can also stop over at the “stars” section which tells you all about a lot of Asian actresses and actors. If you prefer you can also join in an online conversation about any movie topic you like. In addition, there is a “video” page where you can view movie trailers and specially-created playlists, as well as signing up to receive the site’s newsletter. These aren’t amazing extras but at least they exist and offer you the opportunity to get more from the movies you watch.

If you’re trying to find a specific Asian movie or TV show then we think that TigerCinema.com is a good place to visit. However it’s a specialist website and won’t have everything you’re looking for, unless you’re only interested in Asian cinema.

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