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Whilst Hulu might not be the very best option for watching the most recent films, its array of relatively new movies, older movies and top TV shows makes it a great value option for anyone. It’s a browser-based system much like Netflix, allowing you to watch as many or as few of its videos as you like, though it offers a few more elements beyond some of its competitors, including video games clips and reviews. 

When it comes to picking between hulu and Netflix it’s not an easy task. They’re really quite similar and we’d generally recommend checking each one to find out which movies and shows are available on each. It may be as simple as that. Prices are pretty much identical and both of them offer unlimited viewing for a set monthly price. Whilst Netflix offers a month-long trial, hulu’s is only a week long, but it’s no big deal.  There are a few differences which may edge the competition in hulu.com’s favour. Users are able to comment on videos, which is a bonus in some ways as it means you can express your opinion of a movie, or find out what others had to say. However the ratings system is less sophisticated and the service could benefit from learning more about your preferences to make recommendations as to shows and movies you might wish to watch next.

The quality of movies is pretty high and you’ll also discover relatively new DVD releases are included, such as The Amazing Spiderman. We were also happy to see that the site takes an interest in trending videos on the internet, letting you visit popular clips. Gaming fans will also be able to watch game play clips and reviews of new video games releases. Meanwhile, a number of TV shows are available from the US and Britain, offering added value if you’re interested in watching shows from the UK. If you have children then hulu’s “kids” section could be a real lifesaver, and it’s full of plenty of content that’s suitable for the little ‘uns. We hate to keep harping on about Netflix in our review of Hulu, but it's the closest thing to compare. In our opinion, Hulu might actually be superior when it comes to movies; their releases seem more up to date. However (and this may be personal preference so feel free to check for yourself and disagree) Netflix's TV show catalog is more varied and - dare we say it - of a higher caliber. 

We were impressed by what hulu had to offer. It’s not ideal for you if you’re intent on watching the latest movie releases in HD, but if you’re keen to watch a decent range of movies and a great range of TV shows then it has a lot to offer. Its monthly fees are very fair and affordable, whilst the system itself is easy to use and intuitive. Although it doesn't "learn" about your preferences to the same degree as Netflix, we do feel that there's plenty to choose from, and that the movie options are very good for an unlimited service. What's more, there’s a one week free trial which is worth signing up for, even if you decide not to become a full member later on. At just under $8 a month for unlimited viewing, you can’t go far wrong.

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