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Please note that Fearnet has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Fearnet below, or check out the rest of the Movie Download Websites we've reviewed.

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Fearnet Review

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If you’re the kind of person who likes a bump in the night and a bit of a chainsaw massacre now and then, you may be interested in checking out FearNet. This is a genre-movie website with a few free movies to watch (once you’re registered), primarily focused on horror genre.

Signing up is quick and easy, but it’s necessary if you want to view any of the free movies that are available. These are relatively few and – you’ve probably guessed it already – almost exclusively of the “horror” genre. There are subsections to this genre which may appeal to ardent fans, but for the majority of viewers “horror” gives the best idea of what they provide. The site offers some web movies for free but if you really enjoy what you see then you may wish to sign up for the FearNet channel, which is provided on Cable or can be accessed online. There is an OnDemand option, meaning you can watch some movies when you prefer, but generally you’ll have to check the schedule to find out when a movie is showing. This isn’t ideal and makes viewing a little problematic at times if you can’t be available for one of the broadcasts. However, most of the movies broadcast several times a week so you ought to be able to find a time that will suit your lifestyle.

The quality of the movies is acceptable but not great. The reason for this is partly the nature of the genre: many of the productions are low budget. You might also find that the acting is sometimes a bit wooden or over the top, but that can be the nature of cheap productions in the horror genre. The site’s community features are more impressive and you can easily get chatting to other users or build a unique profile page with photos and unique wallpapers to help express yourself. Movies can be rated using a clever ratings system based on their scare-factor, goriness and humor. Alternatively if you fancy yourself something of a critic then you can create a written review of a movie, or read those posted by other users. You’ll also find blog posts and forum areas to really help get conversations going. 

FearNet is designed with die-hard horror movie fans in mind. If you want to watch a few movies that you won’t find elsewhere, and then chat about what you’ve seen with likeminded people, this could very well be a site worth exploring. However, it’s really quite limited to the horror genre, so it won’t suit everyone’s preferences. If you are interested in accessing the full list of movies available from FearNet.com then you’ll need to contact the site’s sales team and potentially your Cable TV providers to find out how much the full service is going to cost. Mwuahaha!

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Please note that Fearnet has now been discontinued.

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